About Junodori

Re-recording mixer Judith Nordbrock presents her music under the artist name Junodori. Her songs, born from a singer-songwriter tradition combine pop and jazz in a natural way. They span the gamut from atmospheric ballads and humorous chansons to funk groove pieces and at the same time their harmonic and rhythmical structure is neither banal nor complex. Each song has its own style and story and reflects the various facets of the musician.
A returning subject of the songs seems to be communication between people: In „Summer in the City“ we observe girls and boys that communicate by flirting. In contrast the song „Going Nowhere“ which shows how the world turns into grey, how words fall into silence and how colours fade away. „Flirting can be the beginning of communication, or at the same time an ending“, says Junodori. „Just as a dull atmosphere might stop any word and be at the same time the beginning of a wordless communication.
„Listening is essentiell“, emphasizes Junodori. Being an educated sound engineer she finds herself mainly in the position of a listener, as a musician she wants to move others to listen and that’s for a simple reason: „If we don’t listen to each other carefully, we won’t be able to communicate and understand each other.“

Music is an easy way of getting people to listen because it travels through the ears right into the soul. Junodori wants to reach people without pigeonholding anybody. Her songs tell not only stories but they include messages that come along unpretentiously. There is a clear attitude behind Junodori’s „Up to You“: It’s up to you what you make out of things. Don’t get mislead, follow your way, be yourself, different and authentic.

The musician born in Bonn has played piano since childhood. Only a long time after a classical education she discovered her own voice as an instrument. „The voice is more truthful and direct that any other musical instrument, continues Juno, „therefore I have to sing my songs myself.“ She performs solo as well together with other musicians in her band in different formation.
Junodori appears humurous and open, but there seem to be many more parts of her personality. These can be solved by us, listening to her music.